Here is a list of tips I think make a good follower:

Tweet em by name ~ Everyone likes to hear their name. It makes it more personal. 

Always acknowledge the person tweeting you ~ If someone took the time to @ you in a tweet, you should at least respond. Don't get me wrong, there have been a few that have @ me and I have blocked them! Use your own discretion, but if they are a real person it is common courtesy to acknowledge them one way or another.
Remember: When someone @ you, it is like speaking directly to you and if you don't respond it's as if you don't value them. We all get spam followers but when you have a real person that engages you in conversation.....return the courtesy.

Develop thick skin ~ There will be those on Twitter that will not like everything you tweet and they will gladly point that out. Opinions are something we all have.

#FF suggestions ~ Check out those FF recommendations. I have made some great friends through other friends connections. When I suggest a #FF recommendation...it's because I value those friends that I'm suggesting and I think you would too.

To some twitter is a popularity contest to others it's a social medium for friendships ~ I don't follow everyone that follows me. I only follow back once I've viewed their home page and read their bio and latest tweets. If I find them to be credible and tweet things of interest to me, I return the follow. Personally, I would rather be at a party with 2 people I really like as opposed to 1,000 people I only tolerate.

Auto DM's ~ Grrrr <--That about sums it up for me. Auto DM's are about as personal as the "Dear Resident" junk mail the postman delivers. I'm amazed at how many people still use auto DM's. Maybe it's helpful in promoting whatever it is they're selling but as soon as I get one....click...unfollow!  Please stop DM'ng us and asking to connect with you on Facebook. Goes to show you only care about numbers, not relationships.

Don't overtweet ~ I have actually been put in "twitter jail" for over tweeting. Sometimes it's hard not to tweet excessively in a short period of time, especially if a lot of  followers are tweeting you. Just remember, over tweeting can be a nuisance to those followers who don't care about what you are tweeting. Pace yourself!

Automatic updates ~ Really???  Who cares what your horoscope says. It's all hocus pocus craziness anyway.

My friend @jasonwspencer was recently highlighted in Louisville Business First and asked about social media madness. Here is his tips for social media interacting..... 
  • Don't just push content. People following your social-media accounts don’t want to be solicited to buy what you’re selling or read what you're writing.
  • Be a person, and talk to your audience like you’re talking to a person at a party.
  • Know the rules. For instance, Instagram is for sharing pictures. Post a screen capture on Instagram, and he’ll drop you.
  • Check your interactions and mentions on Twitter, and respond quickly. Missing one for a few hours is OK. A few days is not.