1. We take in new info and knowledge with our "presupposition glasses" firmly in place. Take them off, open the bible, then discern truth from error. 

2. We sometimes are too quick to find fault with others that do not see as we do. Be patient and show truth with great humility and compassion.

3. If someone mistreats animals, you can bet they are also mistreating people. Stand up for the voiceless. Children, elderly and animals.

4. When we realize the reality of this temporal home, as aliens passing through, it is then that we will start to devalue our idols.

5. God the creator of this earth is all powerful. He is sovereign over all and He stands forever in control of His creation.

6. We pray for wisdom from God, but all too often it is really a prayer for self sufficiency. 

7. The message of the gospel doesn't have the same effect on all people, but it affects those whom it was intended with the perfect outcome. 

8. "There is nothing gospel or Christian about "Your sin makes me want to puke" ~ @danemeryprice

9. "Never listen to anyone with an open mind - listen to those with an open bible" ~ @VineyardBoars

10. "Spiritual maturity is shown when you realize that you don't know everything" ~ @NCMPastorScott

11. "The more isolated a person is, the more destructive will be the power of sin over him" ~ Bonhoeffer via @cuatronelson

12. "A Christian who views enjoyment of art, music, sport and nature as a waste of time tragically acts as if God is to be obeyed but not enjoyed" ~ @davidprince

13. "True love isn't transactional, its sacrificial. It's a love that gives, not takes" ~ @kevinjamison

14. "The birds don't sing the gospel. But their beauty alone testifies to God's glory. That is art God created" ~ @WGJake

15. You are the company that you keep. Not the company you love and minister to, but the company you keep. 

16. "The word Christian when applied to anything other than a person is just marketing" ~ DW via @VineyardBoars

17. "Forgiveness is the greatest gift any person can ask of you and the greatest gift you've ever received" ~ @danemeryprice

18. "Judge not lest you be judged. There is a difference between being judgmental and calling a pig a pig" ~ @chadowenbrand

19. "Fear, doubt and worry is how so many of us live our lives. Trust in the words of God….Peace Be With You" ~ @kevinjamison

The guy pictured above is the Lead Pastor at Sojourn East here in Louisville. His name is Kevin.  I may get sued over using his image without permission. If this should happen I will blog about it and share with my readers as it unfolds.

I take a journal to service every Sunday to take notes of the sermon so when I get home and read through the scripture that was preached, I have reference of how my Pastor explained certain passages. As I was going over my notes from the sermon this morning, I couldn't help but notice I had written down Kevin saying "People who have Christmas decorations up this early are sick". I started laughing out loud as I read it because number one, I couldn't believe I had written down what he said and number two, I put my inside Christmas decorations up yesterday. Not that what he said will cause me to take them down, but I do love his humor and I do love the fact that I obviously hang on to his every word as he delivers the message. I'm a great note taker. I guess it's due to all those years taking notes in college.   

I decided I would go back through my journal entries and read some of the revealing personal things Kevin has shared with the congregation over the past few months... 

Kevin is a natural worrier. He worries about everything. 
Kevin's family uses Purex laundry detergent.
Kevin's Jewish friends from school called him Shlomo.
Kevin likes to color with his 4 yr old daughter.
Kevin talks aloud to himself while driving in traffic.
Kevin and his wife's first date was at a bluegrass concert in Cincinnati.
Kevin doesn't know how to operate an air compressor.
Kevin hates the book "The Little Engine That Could"

There is a lot more I could tell you, but if you want to hear him preaching firsthand you can click here to listen to his sermons. 

Kevin delivers powerful messages Sunday after Sunday. The gospel is ALWAYS preached. It is a priviledge to belong to such a strong body of believers and an honor to be fed weekly by such a cross focused man as Kevin. 

How well do you know your Pastor?  

1. When you encounter strong believers, cling to them for Biblical guidance. Mimic their lives. Imitate them. Keep them close.

2. We pray for wisdom from God, but all too often it is really a prayer for self sufficiency. 

3. Believers sanctification is not a "one size fits all". It looks different on each odoptee. 

4. Christians get very angry toward other Christians who sin differently than they do. ~ @jasonboyett 

5. Apostles grew in their knowledge of God, but they also grew in their love for people. Stay humble and remember the two greatest commandments. 

6. When we believers realize the reality of this temporal home, as aliens passing through, it is then that we will start to devalue our idols. 

7. Most people draw their eschatological beliefs from the person that explained it to them best. 

8. Christians who know how messed up they are are a beautiful site. ~ @tjacobbsmith

9. By what standard can man truly know anything? By the standard of God's written revelation. Scripture is my reasoned defense. Deal with it. ~ @Chrisokogwu

10. Be kind and show great compassion and mercy to new brothers and sisters. Remember we were all "training wheel" believers at one time. 


I was an orphan, lost at the fall;
Running away when I’d hear you call,
But Father, you worked your will.
I had no righteousness of my own
I had no right to draw near your throne,
But Father, you loved me still.

And in love, before you laid the world’s foundation,
You predestined to adopt me as your own.
You have raised me up so high above my station;
I’m a child of God by grace, and grace alone

You left your home to seek out the lost;
You knew the great and terrible cost
But Jesus, your face was set.
I worked my fingers down to the bone;
But nothing I did could ever atone,
But Jesus, you paid my debt.

By your blood I have redemption and salvation.
Lord you died that I might reap what you have sown,
And you rose that I might be a new creation.
I am born again by grace, and grace alone.

I was darkness all of my life,
I never knew the day from the night,
But Spirit, you made me see.
I swore I knew the way on my own;
Head full of rocks, a heart made of stone
But Spirit, you moved in me.

And At your touch my sleeping spirit was awakened;
On my darkened heart the light of Christ has shone.
Called into a kingdom that cannot shaken;
Heaven’s citizen by grace, and grace alone.

So I’ll stand in faith by grace, and grace alone
I will run the race by grace, and grace alone
I will slay my sin by grace, and grace alone
I will reach the end by grace, and grace alone

How many times have you heard someone say...."You are the company you keep" or "Birds of a feather flock together"?  When I hear those quotes it's never in a positive sense, it's always negative. In other words...quit associating with those corrupt people or they will be your demise. I sent a tweet out this morning that said "I could have been such a great pagan if only God had left me well enough alone. Thank you LORD for saving me."  Today as a regenerated believer and devoted follower of Jesus Christ, I still struggle with the company I keep. It is so easy to fall into the trap of what the world has to offer or to give into the desires of the flesh. The only way I stay strong is to cling to the promises of God and to surround myself with seasoned believers. Those that are pursuing holiness will have a huge impact on our lives. They are there for you when you start to stumble and trust me, we are all just one temptation away from stumbling. They are there to remind us of our purpose in this life and to help us when the storms come raging in. They are there to help guide us when the darkness seems to consume us. They are there to help keep us focused on running the good race. 

We have heard the stories of the preacher that was caught with his secretary or the deacon that was embezzling money from the church. As long as we are living on this earth we will be tempted and we will always be fighting the three great enemies of the believer...our flesh, the world and Satan. 

I used to place men such as John Piper, John MacArthur, Paul Washer, Steve Lawson and other prominent believers in a category all by themselves. They are such strong believers and so devoted to Christ that they will never fall prey to the temptations that could cause them to fall. Not true. I can only imagine the temptations those men face on a daily basis. I thank God that He kept fame far away from me. I know me and I know what a great idol maker I'm capable of being. I also know that I cannot serve two masters. So, that's why it is so important that we hold strong believers close to us. Those that are running the good race. Those that are pursuing holiness. Those that will encourage and lift us up when we start to stumble. 
"Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good morals." 1 Corinthians 15:33 NASB

"He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm" Proverbs 13:20 NASB
My advice for any believer is to seek out those that are pursuing holiness and cling to them. Befriend them at your place of worship, imitate their lives.  Learn from them and they will help keep you on the narrow path when the temptations of this world seem too strong to resist. Run with the righteous. 

I decided I would do one big #FF shout out to all my favorites on Twitter. If you are new to Twitter or a seasoned Tweeter, these are the ones that I suggest you follow. They will encourage you, but more importantly they will engage you in conversation. 

If there is someone you want to know more about, click on their name and it will take you to their Twitter bio page.

@bjornole777     My friend from Norway. A true man of God striving to live the life God has appointed him to. Not only a great friend but also a great follow. Check out his blog... http://www.jesuserherre.com

@adidas247     Annie is one of my dearest friends. Such a blessing to me. My favorite Georgian and travel partner! 

@barbara1216     Barbara, AKA The toast of New Haven, CT. She is also the keyboard behind @visitnewhaven. She also bakes the best brownies that I have ever tasted in my life! 

@khakigent     Jordy is one of my first Twitter friends and one of my best.

@Julia_Blues     Julia is the first friend I made on Twitter. She is an up and coming blues novelist. Her novel 'Parallel Pasts is now available at a book store near you. Juliasblues.com

@luvreading05     Amy is a Cincinnatian transplanted in Atlanta. I forgive her because Cincinnati  is so close to the good side, it's almost like she's a southerner. 

@danemeryprice     Danny is a real life friend. I have learned so much from him. Pastor of Trinity Church of Northwest Arkansas. One of the finest Lutherans out there. Don't let his priest collar fool you, he's ok. Check out his page... www.trinitychurchnwa.com.

@dbroos     Diane hails from Canada. She's one of a handful of people from Twitter that I actually had the honor of meeting in person. Great follow.

@goofytha     Tha and I go back several years to when I used to be active on FB. My only friend from Brazil.

@mywrbc     Chip is the pastor of Westport Road Baptist Church in Louisville. A great man of God and I am so lucky to call him my friend. WRBC

@blurtjunk     Mary is my friend just south of the border in Tennessee. Good one to follow and friend of Baxter the wonder dog!

@jen1951     Jen is a dear friend that lives in Texas with Abby and Max. Wonderful person to follow.

@jeremysarber     Jeremy is one of the brightest on Twitter. My NC friend. You have to follow his podcasts at  www.jeremysarber.com  Great guy and Pastor of Angier Church. So glad to call him my friend. 

@tomf80     Tom is a computer tech from Illinois now living in Louisiana. He has a love for Jesus that is awesome to read in his tweets. He knows his Presby theology.

@llanphere     God used Les to point me in the right direction for truth when I was starving. He has one of the most informative websites out there--->  www.killerrobotnija.com

@closetcalvin     Great follow if you want to have a better understanding of the reformed church. I know the true identity of the person behind this name, but I have been sworn to secrecy. ClosetCalvinist.com

@ericatwitts     A fellow Louisvillian and nurse. Been a dear friend for a long time.

@spweber     Stan has such a powerful testimony. You can see it on www.stanweber.com 

@Stikfigur     Dave is a must follow. He's just trying to figure it all out like the rest of us. A true brother indeed. 

@chelseyveturis    Chelsey is one of the first followers I met on Twitter. Recently relocated to Las Vegas, but still a SoCal girl at heart. Great friend and a must follow. She is married to @curtiswbaker . 

@haleyveturis    Haley is a must follow. She has a passion for Christ that is awesome to read in her tweets. 

@rochelleveturis    Ro is a fellow animal lover, so she's ok in my book. She's also the pre-eminent Social Media Director for all of Southern California. Mother to Winnie, wife to Jeff and mommy to Kennedy.  Check out her site Rochelleveturis.com

@angelstrange54     Dale lives in Ft. Lauderdale and has a heart the size of Florida, I mean Texas. Good one to follow. She also sends dog biscuits to my girls. Gotta love that.

@dougweaver75     A fellow Louisvillian and a good one to follow. Doug is another one that has been there for me when I had so many questions concerning our reformed beliefs. 

@matthewbreddan     Matthew is another Southern California friend. He is also an Attorney. So if you live in SoCal and need a lawyer....you know who to call and I'm not talking about ghostbusters!

@jodymay     Jody is one of my newer friends on Twitter. Good man of God and great one to follow. Check out his blog...www.gunsandgospel.com 

@spreadingjoy     Marie and I go way back. Been following her for a long time and love her enthusiasm for the Lord.

@guitargeekette     Stephanie will make you feel so welcome on Twitter. A great one to follow that will engage you in conversation and make you feel like part of the family.

@ti_aki     Ti seems to always be available on Twitter. She is a good one to follow. 

@alancult      An average guy transplanted from a small town in New Hampshire to a city in California. Strong believer in Jesus.

@REALjdowney     John is a great one to follow.  Soon to be a Louisville resident studying at SBTS!      Dead Pastors Society   

@tjacobbsmith     So glad to call Jacobb a friend. He knows the gospel well. Great follow and always tweets truth with great love and humility.

@evanwelcher     Evan is a former atheist and now Senior Pastor and Teaching Elder at 1st Christian Church. He has become a dear and trusted friend. Check out Evan's page.

 @williamsetiadi     Check out some of the pics of food he tweets. Always engages in conversation. 

@johnleesandiego     John always engages in conversation. My conservative ears sometimes bleed while reading his left tilted tweets but I have to say, he is a good guy. (see I can be non biased, contrary to what some believe)

@jonathanpearson     A millennial who writes, tweets, & speaks to communicate Christ, vision, & challenge bold living. Good one to follow. 

@seanianmiller     Sean and his family are missionaries with CEF to St Kitts and Nevis. Blog: A moment with the Millers  

@WhoIsBrandonC     Brandon is a fellow Louisvillian with a love for the Lord and a passion for helping others in need. Check out his blog--> http://www.WhoIsBrandonC.com/

@joymauter     Joy is a believer and hails from Sevierville, TN. Excellent conversationalist and friend. Good one to follow.

@juliemahany     Julie is an encourager. I love those that God has given the gift of encouragement to. They keep us strong and going. She's also from England, so you have to read her tweets with a British accent.

@vermontbeliever     John is a humble brother in Christ and a definite must follow.

@Dmariamac     Dionne truly loves the Lord and has become a very dear friend and encourager on Twitter.

@Jereami     Wretched sinner saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Another great Atlanta friend to follow. Like a brother to me. Love this guy. Great secret keeper.

@EphesiansTwo8     Jarod hails from the state of Ohio. He is a 5 Sola believing, Apostles-Nicene-Athanasian Creed professing Lutheran, sin confessing Christian. 

@ralphprovance     Ralph is a Reformed Baptist and how could you not follow someone with a Twitter bio like this...No man can do me a truer kindness in this world than to pray for me.

@daveingram62     Dave hails from the great state of Louisiana! A true encourager and lover of Christ. Great friend and a MUST follow. Theologically, he and I are the same in belief.

@mattjamesdean      Matt is a Bible-believing sinner trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ who saves by Grace alone through faith alone. Cigar & pipe smoker. Another Brit I call friend. 

@yo_rocky     David hails from Kentucky's border state of West Virginia. Baptist Preacher living as an example to us all. 

@LoveMeLastBand     John Paul is a friend that I'm so glad to call my brother. My Corpus Christi friend. He is an acoustic singer and songwriter. Check out his page here.  

@hfxmark     Mark is a Kentucky border state brother from Virginia. A seminary student and a high school math teacher. 

@Doulos2Christou      Slave of Christ Jesus: He bought me with His blood. Husband to Danielle. Love books, astronomy, hiking, history, economics, & orange juice. <-He had me at Jesus and OJ! Check out his blog-> Interpretingthecosmos

@tasfromtas     Tas is a brother of the reformed faith. Living in Australia. Glad to call him friend. Check out his blog -> TasFromTas

@closetcalvinist    Seann is a good one to follow. "I'm all about building up His kingdom! I'm just passing through, not planning to stay long."  Check out his blog --> Pursuit of Holiness.

@averageus    Lon is one of those friends that has the gift of encouragement. It's an honor to have him listed on my #FF list. Check out his blog. Averageus.com   

@ClaraNdovie    Clara has become a good friend. A strong believer in Christ. A natural encourager.  Good follow! 

@tomdelasa     Tom is an encourager and a strong believer that is in love with the doctrines of Grace. Good one to follow. My brother from Ireland.

@zarotribe     Great tweeter of truth, Good one to follow and husband to @Noash22.

@Noash22     Heather's love of God and His truth is contagious. Great follower and sister in Christ. She is also married to @zarotribe. My Arizona friends.

@BGraceful     Becky is a fellow dog lover and a sister in Christ. She has become a very dear friend and wow can she cook! 

@LouisvilleHumor     Not sure who is behind the tweets, but definitely a good one to follow. Funny and local to Louisville. 

@mikebeecham    Mike is a brother from England and a fine photographer. An encourager for sure. 

@Josh_Gadsby     Reformed brother from Texas. Love this guy. Strong believer. 

@jslinnemann     One of the pastors at Sojourn East. His humble spirit is awe inspiring. I love this guy. 

@Honeybee22274     Melissa is a native Oregonian currently living in NYC. Her interests include orphans, homelessness & dogs. What more could you ask for in a friend. A definite must follow.

@ACupofKofi    Kofi is not only a true brother but an aspiring Bible teacher and social media enthusiast. Check out his site  Fiery Logic

@jefox5     Joe hails from the great state of Ohio. My only Librarian friend on Twitter. Very kind and compassionate brother in Christ. Check out his blog here--> Count It All Joy

@chrisokogwu     Chris is my only Twitter friend on the African continent, He hails from Nigeria. Very intelligent and a like minded brother in Christ. Good follow. Check out his blog...Theological Musings

@kevinjamison     Family man. Lead Pastor of Sojourn East and the guy that delivers the gospel to me weekly. Sojourn East

@duckyrose2002   Sally is a fellow teacher and friend. A Louisville native and a die hard sports fan. She also goes to Florida and never steps foot on the beach??? Ha

@Andy_Thaxton     Staggered daily by grace. <-- as said in his bio. I love that. Andy is a definite brother to follow. Check out his blog, A Stirring Reminder

@kris_tea     Another great Teaxan to follow. Saved by grace through faith in Christ alone. Ask her about it. 

@UnPuritan     Another great Lutheran brother. Check out Aaron's blog-->  Hyperbolic Mediocrity

@settlemoir3     A fine brother indeed. His Twitter bio reads 'Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.' What more do I need to say. Good follow.

@LaraASummers     A sinner, saved by grace, from His just wrath, which I rightly deserve. <--Great truth. Lara is a must follow on Twitter.

@ChrisPaulArnold    "I love my wife Jamie and my dog Daisy." Christian is a reformed/credobaptist and presuppositional and covenantal apologist. He knows what he believes and is not afraid to stand for the truth. Good follow.

@countryboy7477     Stephen is a true family man and lover of Jesus. Good follow. My Alabama friend. 

As I scroll through my timeline on Twitter, I see the word 'heretic' being used quite freely and loosely amongst people that I consider brothers and sisters in the faith. I also see it being used in an appropriate manner against those that are genuinely heretical in their beliefs. I am going to try to explain as briefly and best I can what heresy is and what it is not.

Heresy is any belief that is contrary to clear biblical teaching. I have said many times that if the gospel of Jesus Christ is being rightfully proclaimed, then I will agree to disagree over minor differences of scripture interpretation. 

The gospel is the good news of what God has accomplished in the person of His Son, Jesus. His life, death and resurrection was to secure the forgiveness of sins for all who will repent and believe in Him as savior. Man was created to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, but because of the fall, man is born sinful and under God's just condemnation. Jesus fully bore the wrath and suffered the punishment sinners (all of us are sinners, in this instance all means ALL)  deserve. 

Heresy is when someone forges a new gospel that goes against what God's infallible and innerrant Word teaches. A perfect example of heretical teaching is the Mormon church. They believe that Jesus was a created being and brother to Satan. Another example of heretical teaching is that of the Universalists. They believe that ALL are going to heaven, no one goes to hell.  Denouncing the deity of Christ or the Trinity or the fact that Jesus was born of a virgin are heretical beliefs. 

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. ~ 1 John 4:1

But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves. ~ 2 Peter 2:1

But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed. ~ Galatians 1:8

Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. ~ Matthew 7:15

See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ. ~ Colossians 2:8

There are many Christian denominations in the world today that have differing views on modes of baptism, the Lord's Supper and church government. These are NOT examples of heresy. 

So, next time you have a debate on Twitter with other believers, don't be so quick to label them heretics simply because they believe in baptizing babies or once saved always saved or issues of free will or no freewill as it pertains to salvation or drinking grape juice as opposed to wine during the Lord's Supper. These are such minor differences that we practice, but they seem to cause great division amongst believers in the body. 

Peace be with you.


Here is a list of tips I think make a good follower:

Tweet em by name ~ Everyone likes to hear their name. It makes it more personal. 

Always acknowledge the person tweeting you ~ If someone took the time to @ you in a tweet, you should at least respond. Don't get me wrong, there have been a few that have @ me and I have blocked them! Use your own discretion, but if they are a real person it is common courtesy to acknowledge them one way or another.
Remember: When someone @ you, it is like speaking directly to you and if you don't respond it's as if you don't value them. We all get spam followers but when you have a real person that engages you in conversation.....return the courtesy.

Develop thick skin ~ There will be those on Twitter that will not like everything you tweet and they will gladly point that out. Opinions are something we all have.

#FF suggestions ~ Check out those FF recommendations. I have made some great friends through other friends connections. When I suggest a #FF recommendation...it's because I value those friends that I'm suggesting and I think you would too.

To some twitter is a popularity contest to others it's a social medium for friendships ~ I don't follow everyone that follows me. I only follow back once I've viewed their home page and read their bio and latest tweets. If I find them to be credible and tweet things of interest to me, I return the follow. Personally, I would rather be at a party with 2 people I really like as opposed to 1,000 people I only tolerate.

Auto DM's ~ Grrrr <--That about sums it up for me. Auto DM's are about as personal as the "Dear Resident" junk mail the postman delivers. I'm amazed at how many people still use auto DM's. Maybe it's helpful in promoting whatever it is they're selling but as soon as I get one....click...unfollow!  Please stop DM'ng us and asking to connect with you on Facebook. Goes to show you only care about numbers, not relationships.

Don't overtweet ~ I have actually been put in "twitter jail" for over tweeting. Sometimes it's hard not to tweet excessively in a short period of time, especially if a lot of  followers are tweeting you. Just remember, over tweeting can be a nuisance to those followers who don't care about what you are tweeting. Pace yourself!

Automatic updates ~ Really???  Who cares what your horoscope says. It's all hocus pocus craziness anyway.

My friend @jasonwspencer was recently highlighted in Louisville Business First and asked about social media madness. Here is his tips for social media interacting..... 
  • Don't just push content. People following your social-media accounts don’t want to be solicited to buy what you’re selling or read what you're writing.
  • Be a person, and talk to your audience like you’re talking to a person at a party.
  • Know the rules. For instance, Instagram is for sharing pictures. Post a screen capture on Instagram, and he’ll drop you.
  • Check your interactions and mentions on Twitter, and respond quickly. Missing one for a few hours is OK. A few days is not.

I believe God created everything from nothing.

I believe the Bible is the infallible and true Word of God.

I believe in a young earth.

I believe that one cannot begin to see the love of God and the need for a savior until they see how wicked and evil they truly are.

I believe that there will be a huge number of people that call themselves "Christians" that will never enter the Kingdom of God.

I believe knowledge without God only produces barbarians. 

I believe that if you are not born again/regenerated, you will spend eternity in hell.

I believe the only way to the Father is through His Son, Jesus.

I believe one cannot fully comprehend the Bible without depending on the Holy Spirit for understanding.

I believe faith is a gift from God.

I believe Jesus died only for the sins of God's elect. Don't let that frighten you. If you are saved...you are the elect. Whether you recognize it or not.

I believe anyone who truly loves God is saved from His wrath. We love Him because He first loved us. If you truly love God, that is the affirmation of your salvation.

I believe water baptism is something that believers should do out of obedience to God as an outward sign of their faith in Christ, but I do not believe that baptism saves or is necessary for salvation.

I believe once we realize the reality of this temporal home, we will start to devalue our idols.

I believe those who reject God deserve to go to hell. Just as I deserved to go to hell before God called me and saved me.

I believe most people draw their eschatological beliefs from the person that explained it to them best.

I believe man was created to glorify God and to live with Him in heaven forever.

I believe there will be no one who calls on the Lord that will be turned away.

I believe we are sometimes too quick to find fault with others that do not see as we do. 

I believe most people approach studying the Word of God trying to validate their preconceived beliefs. 

I believe that all are born with original sin. 

I believe the book of Proverbs compels us to make righteous judgements.

I believe God chose me for salvation before the foundation of this earth. 

I believe God chose to save me unconditionally. Not because He knew I would choose Him.

I believe everything we say or do is an overflow of what is in our hearts. 

I believe in the Trinity. God the Father. Jesus the Son. Holy Spirit. All are ONE but separate.

I believe the worst part of hell for the sinner will be the complete separation from God.

I believe abortion is murder. Any abortion for any reason is murder. 

I believe God cannot be mocked.

I believe in the perseverance of the saints. If you are the elect, you are sealed in Christ.  End of story.

I believe God only speaks to us through His word. 

I believe if God wanted every human being that has ever lived to be in heaven then every human being that has ever lived will be there.

I believe man has free will to a point. We can do and choose what we will, but when it comes to our salvation....it is of the LORD.

I believe we are too preoccupied with wealth, power, popularity and status. We need to focus more on our eternal home. 

I believe that regenerated believers live in a constant state of repentance.

I believe Satan is smarter than any living man.

I believe that partaking in communion (The Lord's Supper) is symbolic and commanded. I do not believe it is the literal body and blood of Christ. 

I believe political correctness has gone way too far. To the point where it is now politically correct to mock believers of Jesus Christ. 

I believe we should always speak truth in love with honest and sincere compassion.

This is a list of what I believe. You are welcome to comment and disagree if you so choose, but until God reveals otherwise, this is where I stand. 

Eschatology is the study of the destiny of humankind as revealed in the Bible, the study of last things. If you're like me, you probably centered your eschatological beliefs around the 'Left Behind' series. I was raised to believe that there would be a rapture in the end times where Jesus would gloriously appear to call the believers home, leaving the non believers to fend for themselves during the seven year tribulation while the Antichrist rose to power. People would come to Christ during this period of tribulation, but they would be persecuted by the Antichrist and his armies. Those left behind would have to have their foreheads or wrists or some part of the body stamped with the number 666 in order to buy food or anything for that matter. The catch is, if they accept the 666 (sign of the beast), they would be damned to hell for all eternity. The story is more frightening than anything Stephen King could have conjured up. Now you can imagine why the 'Left Behind' series of books and movies became so popular. This pre-tribulation, pre-millennial view is probably the most widely held eschatological view among American evangelicals today. 

I posted a tweet a few days ago asking some of the people I admire most on Twitter to tell me what their eschatological beliefs were. Out of the 15 people that responded, this is the results... 3 were amillennialist, 7 were premillennialist, 2 were postmillennialist and 3 were unclear of what they believed. Some that held a certain belief told me they were starting to lean towards a different understanding. The only consensus I drew from the answers I got was.... none of us know for sure. We can all draw our own conclusions and hold on to those truths until the day we die, but until we actually pass from this earth, we will not know for sure.  I am going to explain, as best I can, all three of the millennial views. 


The chart above will help explain what each 'millennial' camp believes. 

There are three different beliefs concerning the millennium (thousand years) as mentioned in Revelation 20:1-7. The prefixes "a", "pre" and "post" suggest the view of the timing of Jesus's second coming in relation to the 1,000 years. Postmillennialists claim that Christ will return after the 1,000 years. Premillennialists claim that Christ will return before the 1,000 years. Amillennialists also believe that Christ will return after the 1,000 years like the postmillennialists but they have a different understanding of the 1,000 years. Amillennialists do not believe in a literal 1,000 years. They believe the millennium is the figurative time between the first coming of Christ and the second coming of Christ. Although the details of the three millennial views differ, each does hold to the literal second coming of Jesus Christ.  

Unfortunately, most find the study of the end times difficult to understand. I too struggle with it, but I do see it as a great hope of what is to come. The Bible doesn't provide every detail about the end times, but it does give hope and anticipation for the return of our God and savior Jesus Christ. 

As of today, I lean more towards the Amillennialism view of the end times. As a 'used to be' Premillennialist, it is the only conclusion that makes sense to me. Like I said, this is my belief as of today. The reason I do not fall under the category of being a Pretrib, Premillennialist like I used to is because as I studied books like Revelation, 1 Corinthians, Ephesians, Romans and Mark, I started thinking about the scenario that the Pretrib, Premillennial camp presents. Fist of all, having the Pretrib, Premillennialist belief makes it seem as though until after the rapture of the believers and the seven year tribulation begins, Christians are not being persecuted as they will when the the actual tribulation starts. As a Christian living in America, I admit that we do not know what real persecution is. Sure, we are living in a society where lack of morals is prevalent, where what used to be good is now bad and what used to be bad is now good, but persecution? Not many Christians are dying for their belief in Jesus Christ in the United States. It's almost like turning a blind eye to what is happening around the globe. We as Americans do not know what it is like to secretly worship because of fear of being murdered for our beliefs. Try being a Christian in parts of Africa, Asia or the middle east. Christians are being persecuted daily for their belief in Jesus Christ by some of the most horrific ways imaginable. 

Please take a moment and read this article by Dr. Joel McDurmon of The American Vision on Why Eschatology Matters