I have always slept on the right side of the bed. Always!  Well, that was until Wrigley joined the family 2 years ago. Mattie has never slept in the bed. She always liked her own bed on the floor next to mine. As long as Mattie was in the bedroom with me, she was a happy camper. 

This is how bed time plays out at my house....When it's time to go to bed, I say "let's go to bed", both Mattie and Wrigley get up from wherever they are and off to the bedroom we go. Once we get in the room, I immediately go to the bathroom and  brush my teeth. Once I exit the bathroom Mattie is already nestled on her bed and ready for a long slumber. Wrigley, however, is standing on my bed ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE!  I walk over and push her to the left then I get under the covers and wait for Wrigley to make her move. It's like clockwork...she comes over and stands on my chest until I push her to the left side of the bed. She then proceeds to walk to the bottom of the bed, outlining my body,  then walks up the narrow path on the right.  She stands there until I move over. I know what you're thinking "Just don't move over". Yeah, I tried that but it doesn't work. She will stand there until I decide to move. One night she literally stood there for at least 10 minutes before I caved.  Since I am not a person that particularly cares for confrontation (unless absolutely necessary) I have learned it's just easier to get used to the left side of the bed.  Ok, I will never get used to sleeping on the left side of the bed, but at least I sleep much better on the left side of the bed knowing that Wrigley and Mattie are comfortable.  I'm such a pushover. No pun intended.

1. I don't believe a regenerated believer can possibly be pro abortion, not EVEN in cases of rape or incest or otherwise.

2. After watching several sermons on YouTube, I understand how some fall for their false doctrine. A little truth makes deception believable.

3. If you claim to be a regenerated believer and you don't shudder at the sound of God's name being taken in vain, you better test your salvation.

4. Every day I am becoming more and more Libertarian in my political thoughts. I do not trust Republicans or Democrats anymore.

5. The fact that most "self proclaimed atheists" become hostile at the idea of their being a God only reaffirms my belief that there are no atheists. 

6. Saving faith is more than the fear of hell.

7. God bestows two types of Grace on us. Common Grace on all of mankind and saving Grace on His children.

8. Satan is smarter than any living person.

9. There are so many unhappy, depressed and miserable people that call themselves "Christians". From where does their joy come? 

10. Some call it a hangup, while others call it a weakness. I think it's called sin.

11. When people start talking about their relationship with God and start it off with "to me", they have created their own God and made their own laws.

I am not one that places ANY faith in fortune cookies, horoscopes, fortune tellers, mediums, psychics or anything of that nature, because I know what God's word teaches about those things, however, I must confess that I finally got a fortune cookie that was as true as true can be.

After a delicious lunch at P.F.Chang's with a good friend, we were given our fortune cookies along with the check....lunch was on him...yay!  As I cracked mine open, this was my fortune...  "You will get what your heart desires".  It's such a true statement. That's why I was shocked to see it in a fortune cookie.  The things that my heart desires today is not like the things my heart used to desire before I was truly regenerated (saved, born again). Before becoming a regenerated Christ follower, I desired so many things of this world. Things that I thought would make me happy and fulfill the emptiness I felt inside. Back then, nothing fulfilled the emptiness and nothing satisfied me. I always wanted more and when I got it, I wanted even more. A nice home, nice car, fine furnishings etc. etc. etc....I do appreciate all that I have. I am human and I still like nice things, but if I lost it all tomorrow, I can honestly say....I would still be satisfied because the desires of my heart have changed. Galatians 2:20 is a verse I often quote because it sums up my life today.

I no longer have a desire for the things of this world. My desires are Christ centered because I was given a new heart (Ezekiel 36:26, Psalm 37:4).  Before one is adopted by God and can call themselves a son of God or one of God's children, you MUST be born again (John 3:3-7). An unregenerate heart can't be trusted (Jeremiah 17:9) and that is exactly what I had before I was regenerated. You will get what your heart desires. 

Questions is...what does your heart desire?