1. God created everything from nothing. 

2. Everything belongs to God.

3. How many of us construct our public prayers to sound approving to men and not God? Who are you praying to?

4. Compassion is more than telling someone to trust in God that all will be ok. Do something to prove your compassion.

5. We're the Jesus the unbelievers see in the world.

6. Complaining is equivalent to praising Satan.

If I told my close friends and family that I was a thief and they need to be cautious with their valuables when they are around me, they would say... "no, you're not!".  I would then say... "yes, I am!.  More than likely they would insist that I am not a thief, then start listing reasons why they know I'm not.  They would say things like...."I have never seen you take something that didn't belong to you" or "I have never had anything stolen by you" or "I have entrusted you to my home while I was out of town and nothing ever came up missing". 

The people that know me best would know I was lying when I said I was a thief, not because they love me or want to believe that I wouldn't steal their stuff but because they have never seen me take anything.  In other words, in all the years that they have known me there is no evidence that I have ever taken anything that did not belong to me, therefore they must conclude that I am not a thief.

Same goes for those who say they are followers of Christ or "Christians".  Our outward expression is a direct result of our inward expression.  When we are regenerated (saved) and the Holy Spirit lives in us, everything starts to change.  You will start to hate the things you once loved and love the things you once hated.  You will become sensitive to sin. Your hatred of sin will continue to grow and so will your love of righteousness.  So, if a person examined your life closely, would they see the world or would they see Jesus?

Here is another way of looking at it.  If you were arrested and thrown in jail on charges of being a Christ follower, would there be enough evidence to convict you?